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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sharpening Your Imagery with Visual Aids

Most writers are able to conjure up images from the depths of their imagination or memories when describing a scene or a particular character. Then there are those who actually use photos or drawings in order to push their creativity to the limit. How about you, do you use visual aids when writing?
When I wrote the first book of my middle-grade series, The Clara Jeane Mysteries, I used actual photos from my childhood because the main character is loosely based on myself, and some of the events that take place in the story are from actual events in my childhood. Even though most of the memories I had were enough, using photos allowed me to sharpen my description of landscapes, weather and even smells for the visual images staring back at me allowed my memories to come alive!

In writing school one of the exercises in a creative writing course I took was to write a story based on a photo of our own or an image from a magazine. That is when I discovered using visual aids can be a very effective tool used to help push the limit of your creativity. If you’ve never tried it I recommend taking an old photo from a time in your life and discover how alive your memories can become!

It’s not to say our imagination is not an effective tool for imagery for sometimes we conjure up places and people that never existed before. Not until we write them that is! However, I am saying there are times in which visual aids can add a spark to our visual senses and help to sharpen our written imagery. So go ahead, push the limit and try adding visual aids to your writer’s toolbox!

In closing, I wanted to share a link to my new blog, The Cat Vamp Diaries: All Things Scary, where I am honored to join some very talented writers in the horror genre for Flash Fiction Friday’s through Vamplit Publishing. If you like to read all things scary or even want to try your hand at flash fiction stop by and explore. You just may find a new favorite author or two!

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T.K. Millin
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  1. We are very glad to have your great tales added to our Friday flash fiction, T.K.

    On a personal level, my hyper mind retains images forever, which is a good thing since most of my pictures have been destroyed. I can see where photos could enhance a story, bringing sharper focus to the tale, allowing for much improvement. Excellent point. Great post!