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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

From Dreams to Reality: Why The Foundation of Your Platform Matters

If you Google the word “collaboration” you’ll find several different sources defining “working together” in different ways.  What you won’t find is this image . . . 

Image courtesy of Angelic Knight Press

Back in July of this year when the newly formed publisher, Angelic Knight Press, announced they were accepting submissions for their first anthology many writers whom had met by way of Facebook, Twitter, Blog connections and other social media outlets were enthusiastic at collaborating together to work with the brand new publisher.   Why?

If you Google the word “integrity” you’ll again find several different sources defining “adherence to moral and ethical principles” in different ways, but the one common ground they all have in their definition is, honesty.

Let’s explore:

Several years ago I had the unique opportunity to collaborate with two very special people who lived and breathed the word integrity.  One was a decorated General who had not only served in Vietnam, but had led a very successful operation during Desert Storm and the other was a Colonel who had turned several military bases into highly productive operations; thus, keeping them from being shut down.

What does this have to do with the foundation of your platform?  One word; integrity, and the foundation it is built on, honesty.  

I first met author, Blaze McRob, through my connection with author, Carole Gill.  It started out in the usual social media connection way; “Hi, I’m so and so and I write so and so, what do you write?”  Then they respond with links to check out and you respond accordingly.  

Now, back to my collaborating with the General and the Colonel. They taught me to recognize integrity through their every day actions.  Blaze McRob proved his integrity to me through his everyday actions of his words.  

How did I know to trust his words?  Because he always followed through on what he said he was going to do and everything he said he would do he did with conviction.  In other words, he proved he was honest.

As the world becomes smaller, it brings opportunities that never existed before in publishing; both good and bad. That is why the foundation of your platform matters.

If you’re out to make a quick buck and deceive authors out of their hard earned creative work it will not take long for you to be discovered as a fraud and a fake.  But if your foundation is built upon your integrity and willingness to help others succeed so that you may also, then the future in limitless.  How exciting is that!

As the publishing world ventures into new and exciting territories yet to be discovered, it will be publisher’s like Angelic Knight Press who will lead the way in opening up new and exciting opportunities for authors.  Keep your sunglasses handy everyone, the future looks very bright!

In closing, is it any surprise that Blaze McRob is also a veteran who served our great country?  As Veteran’s day fast approaches, don’t forget to thank a Veteran.  

Thank you Blaze McRob, and, thank you General Draude and Colonel Maciewicz.

Until next time,

Keep on thriving, keep on striving  and keep on writing!

T.K. Millin

The Unknown Author


  1. Wow! This is so very nice of you, T.K.! Angelic Knight Press started out slowly with just Yvonne and me. Then we realized that we owed it to our fellow writers to expand. Stacey came along and wham! Dynamo in action. Kathy and Rebecca joined us and there's no looking back: only ahead. With us, the authors are first. As far as I'm concerned, that's the only way to run our Press. We deliver what we promise, and it's a team effort.

    Integrity is a word to be adhered to. I'm glad you feel I practice what I preach.

    Happy writing, my friend.


  2. Right on the money, T.K. I'm in agreement with you on everything you said! Also I agree we need to continually thank our veterans. My mother and father served in WWII, Blaze is a Vietnam veteran and all of my three children are currently serving in the military and have been to both Iraq and Afghanistan. To all other service members out there, a big thank you!

  3. Blaze, you are most welcome, you do have a dynamic team and it is very exciting indeed to watch a dream come to reality and being a part of it! Isn't that what America is all about?

    Cindy, I thank you your parent's for their service and wow all three children serving! Thank you to them, and to you, for your sacrifice.

    Thank you Blaze and Cindy for stop pig by and visiting.

  4. T.K., stop by my blog and collect your Versatile Blogger award that I handed out to you today!!! http://saucylucywisdom.blogspot.com

  5. It is always a pleasure to visit here, T.K.! Thank you for your kind words once more.

    Thank you for visiting as well, Cindy. I always feel at home here.


  6. Thanks so much for telling folks about our press. I agree wholeheartedly that Blaze is one of the most honorable people I've ever met. I think integrity is his middle name.