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Friday, November 12, 2010

Novel vs Short Story: Now What?

When The Unknown Author set out to take on NaNoWrimo and write a full length 50,000 word novel in less than thirty days, they felt they had all the tools in their author’s talent skill box to help them accomplish this massive goal.  What they didn’t expect to discover was how quickly those tools would help them sit down and whip out a short story from beginning to end instead.
Here is what The Unknown Author has to say:
“Having established my roadmap ahead of time enabled me to sit down and quickly fill in verbiage that told my story.  Passionately typing away, because I knew where I was headed, I thought I would be at the end in no time and then I would have the rest of November to enjoy turkey, stuffing and family.  Can someone say, “Please Hold the Presses!””
Sure all the structure of the story has been accomplished, Act One has been told, Act Two with its crises, struggles and epiphany has been written and even Act Three bringing everything to conclusion with a plan, a climax and a super duper ending has been checked off.  So you may be asking yourself then what is The Unknown Author’s problem?  The problem is they have done it all with 22,397 words! 
Now does that mean The Unknown Author is not going to win their first NaNoWrimo Victory Pin?  Not if their plan has anything to do with it. 
So what is The Unknown Author’s Plan?  To do just like any author does when they sit down to rewrite their second draft; add depth.  Simply put, take the one dimensional first draft and add life to it by writing in the five senses:  seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting.  Bring those characters to life!
Check in next week to see if The Unknown Author adds any additional words and what their next step to achieving a NaNoWrimo Victory Pin will be!
Until next time,
Keep on striving, keep on thriving and keep on writing!
T.K. Millin
The Unknown Author

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